3D Printed iPad Stand

A friend of ours lost his trusty stand for an iPad that’s a few years old. Since it’s a bit out of date there aren’t many replacement stands in the stores, we took a look at Thingiverse to see if we could find anything to work with. 

Thanks to a brilliant Clip Stand design by Walter Hsaio we made a quick modification to increase the width by 20% and that seemed to be enough for an iPad. 

Modified clip stand design from Walter Hsaio to fit landscape iPad
Clip stand design thanks to Walter Hsaio

We also managed to print some in glow in the dark filament so that they’re easier to find in dim morning or evening light. 

We also learned that a wee dab of glue from a glue gun helps the stand hold fast to the device; more grippy, less slippy. Just put a slight line of glue on the inside of the “C” that clips the stand to the device. A small dab along other edges might improve stability and durability. 

Personalized 3D Printed Cookie Cutters

I saw this great item from CopyPastry for sale on Etsy and thought — hey, why not see if I can make something similar?

So, following the good advice of a few online how-to’s (e.g., convert photo to line drawing) I found my way through to a printable model that resulted in a unique birthday gift for a good friend.

Here’s how:

Step 1: Select a high-resolution photo of your subject’s face. I used one in jpg format.

Step 2: Desaturate the image and then use the Difference of Gaussian filter to find the edges and create the line drawing. Save as a jpg.

Step 3: Import the line drawing into Inkscape and use the Trace Bitmap to create an svg file.

Step 4: Import the svg file into Tinkercad and create the 3D

3D print a personalized cookie cutter from an stl file
3D print a personalized cookie cutter from an stl file

file. Then export as an stl file.

Step 5: Import the stl file into Cura and configure the print settings.

Step 6: 3D print the file.

Step 7: Make cookie dough (I used the Sugar Cookie recipe on p.612 of the Fannie Farmer Cookbook), heat the oven, and stamp out the cookies.

Step 8: Eat and be happy.

You, too, can make your own likeness in cookie form. Yum!
You, too, can make your own likeness in cookie form. Yum!

A few things I learned:

  • Creating contiguous lines in the line drawing makes it easier to print a template that will easily cut out a shape; too many points make it a bit more difficult to print the template.
  • Check to make sure you have some distance between the walls of the shape and the details of the face. You may have to experiment and print a few different models.
  • Fine points make it harder to remove the dough from the template once you’ve cut it out.
  • It’s hard to wash 3D printed templates; the layers make it difficult to prevent build-up in the crevasses.